A series of illustrated essays which touch on subjects as diverse as the moon landings, the search for Noah’s Ark, the Armenian Genocide, Einsteins Brain, William Burroughs, Molière and the abandoned film sets of North Africa.

The accompanying photographic illustrations are drawn from a range of sources, both analogue and digital, and refer to the confusion of images that form the background to our personal existences, and how they have come to form both the recollections of our own past and that of wider, collective histories.

Many science fiction narratives involve the implantation of memories into our consciousnesses – often implying a loss of self and an accompanying sense of dread. However, We could also choose to see this as continuous process beginning with the absorption of the first created images.

ISBN: 978-0-9564105-3-5
88 pages, soft cover with Swiss binding,
All images and text Allan Parker.
Printed in India.

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